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St. Helen's/Trader Joe Sunday Food Donations Pick-up

Each week Trader Joes in Westfield donates near expiration date perishables to local Charities.  

On Sunday's St. Helen's picks up donations which are then brought to St. Joseph's Social Service Center in Elizabeth on Monday and Tuesday by different volunteers.  

Donations are typically ready by 10 am at Trader Joes in Westfield.

You can call TJ's at 908-301-0910 to confirm; introduce yourself as volunteers for the St.Josephs donations. Donations must be at St Helens before 1:30

As the donations have gotten so large they often require a pickup truck, a second car or a second trip. The task is best with at least 2 volunteers. If you prefer, the signup sheet will give you an option to pair up with someone on your date either spouse, children or friend. If you have two vehicles select 2 volunteers.  If you are by yourself or have one car, then select one volunteer.  This way another person from our group, can have the opportunity to join in.  

At TJ's:  Pull your vehicle besides the gate next to the delivery area, put flashers on, and look through the gate for any staff outside and if visible, introduce yourself, volunteers for St Joseph's donations. If no one is present, or not able to help, go inside to the Captains area, past all the registers and someone there will assist you. If they ask who approved it, let them know TJs donation person is Kevin Ryan.  

If a large load, use your judgment and prioritize items; if you can't fit a couple of boxes, take all you can & leave behind stale looking bread and overripe bananas and take all the meat, eggs & cheese, veggies and salads.

When arriving at St Helens, pull up in front of the parish center and ask the person at the desk to open the rear kitchen door. Drive around back to unload. There are three large wire rolling racks you can bring items in with. There is room for approx 10 boxes in st Helens refrigerators.  Perishables are loaded into 2 refrigerators, a 2 door side-by-side reach through in front of the concession window and single door to its right. We rarely get frozen items but if so, the next door is a freezer. If the larger shelves that fit boxes have condiments, sodas, etc left over from other events, put them all on the top shelve to make space.  Leave non perishables on the racks, past the ice machine on the right.  Additional non perishables can be stacked outside the closet across from the rolling racks. 

If TJs offers flowers and you have space, they are greatly appreciated at Clark nursing & rehab, across the RR tracks. Pull up to the sliding glass doors and leave them with the receptionist. They are brought to residents rooms and use for craft activities. 

Reply or call with any questions.