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St. Helen's Prison Ministry
Contact person:  Cathy Maravetz at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The prison ministry of St. Helen shares God's love with prisoners through Centering Prayer, Art and Spiritual Support

On Monday afternoon the Centering Prayer Ministry leads a twenty minute centering prayer session followed by a book discussion at a prison.  Currently the group is reading Awareness by Fr. Anthony DeMello SJ.  Other books they have read are Tattoos on the Heart, The Shack, Man's Search for Meaning.

Twice a year there is a 14 week course held onTuesday afternoons called Houses of Healing.  This course was written by Robin Casarjian, a therapist working in the Massachusetts Prison System.  This course is led September to December and February to May.

Thursday afternoon the ministry teaches an art course for 15 people.

On Monday nights one of the members of the ministry attends the Catholic Mass held at the prison.