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St. Helen's Youth Ministry
Grades 9 to 12
Patti Gardner 232-1214 x 115
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Youth Ministry Downloads:

About Youth Ministry

You're Amazing Event January 18th

Sophomore Retreat

Sister Pat's Kids Cancer Camp 2018

Summer Mission Trip 2018

Ozanum Shelter Permission Slip

Youth Ministry Adult Volunteer Form

Sunday Evening Worship Team

Recycle Fundraiser


Youth Ministry is a “Ministry” open for ALL youth in grades 9-12.  It is a program where you can gather together with your friends to pray together, share together, laugh together, and just have lots of fun together.  It is a program where you can serve one another and your community towards doing something wonderful for God.


How can I get involved?

Youth Ministry activities are listed in the Bulletin under “Youth Ministry News,” on the bulletin board in the back of the church and each month the Youth Ministry calendar is mailed home to you. You can also check us out online or call Patti (232-1214 x115).   Sign-up sheets for all activities can be found in the YM office located in the new administration building. It’s up to YOU to come on in and sign up!!!!  Smile


What is Peer Ministry?

Peer Ministry is a “Ministry” for youth who have been Confirmed and choose to commit themselves to serve as a “Positive Role Model” to their peers.  This commitment includes being involved with the Confirmation large/small group sessions, planning retreats, and helping out with Youth Nights and Youth Ministry Activities.  There is an application process that takes place after Confirmation.  Some of the criteria are:  being actively involved in our Youth Ministry Program your Freshmen and Sophomore year, community service and Mass attendance.


Do I have to be a Peer Minister to be involved in Youth Ministry?

Absolutely NOT! (see: “What is Youth Ministry”)