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Will you accept the St. Helen's 40 Day Challenge this Lent?

As part of our 50th Anniversary Celebration, the Community of Saint Helen is challenging our youth to do Random Acts of Kindness throughout the 40 days of Lent!
Here's how it works:  Show God's love to others by doing "Random Acts of Kindness" to anyone, anywhere!  No kind word or act is too small or insignificant.  
Let's prove that kindness to others can inspire change and we can be an answer to someone's prayer.

Children:  You will receive bracelets at the Ash Wednesday 3:45 pm service in the church or at the Youth Ministry Services in the Youth Room
You can give the 40 Day Lenten Challenge bracelet to the recipient of your Random Act of Kindness.  Share your recipient's reaction on THIS SHEET.  Return this to either the purple box in the back of the church or to the parish center. 
The parish community would love to hear your stories!

Adults ~ please join our youth as we serve the Lord together!  You can partake in Random Acts of Kindness.  Share with us your your recipient's reaction on THIS SHEET!  One possible Random Act of Kindness is the Drive-thru difference. You can pay for the order of the person behind you at any drive thru and share THIS SHEET with the recipient.  

Together let us EXERCISE OUR FAITH and make our community a better place to be!