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You are invited...  Welcome!


 We are the people of God who make up the Church of Saint Helen in Westfield, New Jersey.Our parish community is comprised of persons from varied ethnic backgrounds and from different walks of life. Our community ranges in age from the very young to the elderly; it includes many family units and many people who live alone. Our clergy and staff willingly share spiritual and pastoral responsibilities with the laity, fostering a strong community spirit.

Many have been drawn to Saint Helen's because our liturgies are uplifting, fulfilling and alive. We invite you to join us and hope that you will come to see yourself not only as a Sunday worshiper, but as an important and necessary participant in the day-to-day mission of our parish.

We come together in this time and place to worship and strive to know, love, and serve God and each other in the best way we can. We are happy that you are here.

To become a parishioner of St. Helen's please either stop by the Parish Center or download a registration form HERE and return it to the parish.